Would you give strangers with guns permission to open your car door, sit down inside, and start looking through your personal belongings? No? Sorry, too late.


In states where roadblocks have somehow been deemed legal, every time you drive you're leaving yourself open to the kind of search described in the title of this article. And while they're searching your car, the police will probably find the 4th amendment sitting in the trash next to an empty Burger King cup.

That's how much respect it's getting every time a police department sets up another roadblock (also known by the more politically-appealing name of sobriety checkpoints).

Police have been given unprecedented power when stopping your vehicle at a roadblock. Their use has been justified based on the fantasy that roadblocks function like a giant police net that catches only drunk drivers, drug dealers, and terrorists.

In the real world, roadblocks "catch" mostly innocent drivers and give the police the opportunity to abuse any individual or group they chose to target.

Are you really comfortable giving that much power to the police? What are the odds that they won't abuse their power?

The odds are zero. They already are abusing their power. They have been for years. And they will in the future unless we take a stand and put a stop to this insane practice.

A free and open society that champions individual liberty and personal responsibility – the kind of society we try to tell the world the USA represents, cannot condone the arbitrary stopping, interrogating, intimidation and searching of citizens whose only crime is to be peacefully traveling on a public road.

If you actually believe that these principles – principles that this country was founded on – are worth trading for the small chance that a drunk driver might be pulled over or for a few seat belt violations or for a drug bust, then you're a lost cause.

Seriously, beat it. Leave this page.

We won't even take the time to point out that roving patrols have proven far more effective at stopping drunk drivers, because you probably aren't interested in listening to reason.

If you're still here, then hopefully you're one of the people who understand why the use of roadblocks is such an embarrassment to this country. Someday we'll look back at this time and marvel that the people of this country allowed this kind of injustice to happen for so long and so often.

But before we fast forward to a future where we're high-fiving each other in our rocking chairs because we stopped our government from using roadblocks ever again, we have some work to do.

The authorities want you to think that it would be hard, but in reality it's very simple. It won't take thousands of people to get rid of roadblocks. It will only take a few people with passion.

The National Motorists Association was founded in 1982 to put an end to the 55 mph national speed limit. We beat that ridiculous law and we'll beat this too.

We need more members like you and that's why we're directly asking you to join today. Not tomorrow. Not next month. Not someday. Today.

You don't have to commit to attend any rallies, you don't have show up at your legislator's front door, and you don't have to promise to make it your life's work.

All we're asking is that you join our organization, filled with other drivers like you, and listen.

Simply staying informed is enough to put you miles ahead of most other drivers who continue to bury their heads in the sand and hope the problem goes away on its own.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

– Margaret Mead, American Cultural Anthropologist

And who knows, you may even surprise yourself and become one of those few passionate people that this nation's roads really need.

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The following restrictions apply: this program is restricted to speeding tickets, a plea bargain voids eligibility, one ticket per member will be paid each membership year (max. payment of $300), "Trial by Declaration" does not qualify as a "court trial", and legal fees for attorneys are not eligible for payment under this program. If a lower court decision is appealed and produces a guilty verdict, payment will be made at the conclusion of the appeal.

Why Are We Willing To Offer This Benefit To Our Members?

Our system of traffic laws and enforcement is broken and one way to force change is to make it unprofitable for cities to continue on their current path. The cities are counting on people just paying them the money. They set budgets that rely on that ticket money and it's to their advantage to do everything they can to inconvenience people who want to fight their ticket in court.

The NMA realizes this and we're offering this program to encourage people to stand up for their rights, fight their tickets, and help us change the system so that it focuses on improving safety instead of generating revenue.

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